dwmX-1.0 layla [2019 FINAL]

dwmX 64bit
Debian Buster 10.1
ceni network config (sudo ceni)
sublime text 3
glances system monitor
boot to ram option

Firefox Quantum 69.x (direct install via Mozilla...soon to be in Buster?)
Gimp 2.10.8

username: live
password: live
root password: live

!!type 'startx' at tty to start desktop!!

install with 'sudo refractainstaller'


NEW 11-07-19

  • Firefox Quantum updated
  • Conky tweaked a bit...again...
  • Some new astronaut wallpapers
  • All Debian wireless firmware added
  • SimpleScreenRecorder added (for Ghosty!)

NEW 17-07-19

  • Fix broken jgmenu [pmenu error-lib was linked to live user]
    jgmenu update to v3.2/reconfig to global install
    Many thanks to johanmalm for the jgmenu assistance.

NEW 22-09-19

  • jgmenu updated to v3.3
  • debian updated to 10.1
  • firefox updated to 69.0.1
  • Linux 4.19.0-6-amd64 headers added

[email protected] 2019